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introducing new and radical innovations to knife design

"When you purchase a Spyderco you are buying a high-quality reliable cutting tool designed and manufactured for peak performance and ergonomic comfort. Those Who Know Carry Spyderco"

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  ParaMilitary  Persian   Karambit   Yojimbo Stretch  Ladybug  
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ParaMilitary C81 £90       BIG PIC »     
click for big pic length overall 200 mm blade length 81 mm blade steel CPM-S30V  
length closed 121 mm cutting edge 75 mm weight 108 g  
hole diameter 14 mm blade thickness 4 mm handle material G-10  

Welcome the Para-Military, a two-thirds sized version of the Military Model. Its flat-ground S30V blade stretches a non-eyebrow raising 3-3/32" (81mm) long and has a carbon level of 1.45% with the addition of vanadium and nitrogen for over-the-top edge retention. Coated in black, the blade is subdued and non-reflective. The Spyderco Round Hole is generously sized at 14mm for opening the knife blade with gloved (or large) hands. Its black G-10 handle shuns chemicals and temperature fluctuations and expands at the butt-end keeping the hand from slipping off the handle while making hard pulling cuts. Attach the steel pocket clip to either side of the knife for left or right-handed use. The package is topped off with a nested Compression Lock making the ultimate mid-sized survival knife designed to level trees, carve tent stakes and never generate a second glance.
Available in black and stainless steel £90 black:  BUY   stainless: BUY

Persian C83 £90       BIG PIC » BUY
click for big pic length overall 210 mm blade length 89 mm blade steel VG-10  
length closed 121 mm cutting edge 376 mm weight 154 g  
hole diameter 12 mm blade thickness 3 mm handle material Micarta  

Custom knifemakers are way more than just steel junkies. Many are great artists and deep thinking intellectuals with their own specialties and talents. They continue to bring spice, variety and new ideas to the knife world. Custom maker Ed Schempp is a wheat farmer who while driving his tractor through his fields has time to think. He thinks about knives and everything surrounding them: steel, designs, heat treat, metallurgy properties, and he also thinks wheat, but only because he has to. His signature symbol, wheat sheaves are found on all his knives. He recently collaborated with Spyderco in a design called the Persian Folder -- a well thought out mixture of classic Western meets the exotic East. The shapely Persian blade is traditionally found in fixed blade form but Ed incorporates this Eastern influence into a folding knife. Made of VG-10, the hollow-ground blade is deep-bellied, ending in an upswept tip with a curvy spot on the spine where your thumb rests. The blade's curves flow through into the handle, which is black Micarta topped with polished steel bolsters. Not only do the curves add visual appeal, they create a finger choil and a crook in front of the index finger then end in a tail, for a myriad of grip positions. A custom designed steel pocket clip positions the knife so it carries right-handed, tip-up. Balance combined with top-notch fit and finish mark this model an Ed Schempp design and a true Spyderco.

Karambit C84 £90       BIG PIC » BUY
click for big pic length overall 128 mm blade length 54 mm blade steel VG-10  
length closed 128 mm cutting edge 46 mm weight 145 g  
hole diameter 13 mm blade thickness 2.5 mm handle material Stainless Steel  

Knives steeped in tradition of their homelands are generating interest with the American knife buying public. Throughout history every corner of the world and their respective cultures developed knives specific to their geographic area, religious needs and agricultural and protective requirements. They offer a new and exotic menu of designs, shapes and innovations to todays knife knut. The Karambit's claw-shaped blade originated in Indonesia initially for agricultural and protective use and has become a popular mainstream design. Custom knifemaker Warren Thomas has collaborated on this model with Spyderco. Our Thomas/Spyderco folding Karambit is all-stainless with an arcing blade shape that carries through into a curved handle creating, in a sense, a large claw. Positioned at the end, for an index or pinky finger, the ring lets you to swing/rotate the blade into different grip positions. When closed an accessible nick/recess in the steel handle channels the thumb to, and then over, the Spyderco Round Hole for immediate blade deployment. To facilitate opening the blade even quicker, the hole is expanded to 13mm in diameter. On the backside, the handle scale is laser cut into a Chris Reeve Style integral Linerlock. The blade is made from VG-10 and double flat-ground with a finger guard behind the cutting edge and a sizeable thumb-positioning spine cusp above the hole. These ergonomics merge making the piece feel comfortably curved and easily controlled in the hand. A flat, broad steel clip completes the package and is outfitted with the necessary hardware to position for tip-up/tip-down and left- or right-hand carry

Yojimbo C85 £90       BIG PIC » BUY
click for big pic length overall 199 mm blade length 73 mm blade steel CPM-S30V  
length closed 127 mm cutting edge 69 mm weight 102 g  
hole diameter 14 mm blade thickness 4 mm handle material G-10  

The Yojimbo is Spyderco's second collaboration with famed martial artist and Master MBC Instructor Michael Janich. Our first was the fixed-blade called the Ronin. It was avidly received by the public and generated ongoing requests for a folding version. We call the folding version the Yojimbo and feel it defines the term ergonomic. Since Mr. Janich's area of expertise is MBC and Filipino martial arts, the folder was designed around that art form. The blade is categorized as a modified Wharncliffe profile. Purposely designed to be triangular, this shape holds the cutting edge in contact with what is being cut, and its fine sharp tip generates little resistance initiating and making piercing cuts. From a tactical standpoint the blade's steel needed to be tough and resistant to wear so we chose CPM-S30V. We then ground the cutting edge fully flat from the tip to where it meets the handle. Lined up running along the blade's spine are a sequence of thumb positioning serrations/grooves that continue into the spine of the handle. The Yojimbo's G-10 handle fills in the palm like a handshake affording heightened dexterity and control over the blade. Its tapered tail is for grip retention and doubles as a pressure point or striking tool. To be used for the rigors of MBC a strong lock was a requirement so nested into the handle scale is a Compression Lock that releases on top of the handle. All-steel pocket clip attaches for right-hand, tip-up mobility. The circles, cut out of the clip and on the opposite side of the handle, are for indexing. Available with a black or blue handle.

Stretch C90 £90       BIG PIC » BUY
click for big pic length overall 198 mm blade length 89 mm blade steel VG-10  
length closed 109 mm cutting edge 79 mm weight 128 g  
hole diameter 14 mm blade thickness 3 mm handle material Stainless Steel  

To stretch is the act of extending or drawing out beyond ordinary or normal limits, which describes exactly what Spyderco's C90 Stretch CLIPIT does. Designed chiefly for the hunter but its technologically advanced design and size comfortably expand into a refined cutting tool for any outdoor activity and it's sized suitably for everyday carry. Its ergonomically shaped handle is all Stainless Steel inlayed on both sides with patches of slip-resistant black Kraton. Centered on both sides of the knife within the Kraton panels is an eraser-sized steel dot making a seat where the pocket clip bends back onto the handle, lessening resistance when drawing/retrieving the folder out of the pocket. Suitable for engraving a name or initials, the dot also creates a small surface for personalization. The steel pocket clip screws into pre-drilled holes on both sides and both ends of the knife making four possible carry options: left/right-handed and tip-up or tip-down. 3-1/2" (89 mm) long, its modified drop-point blade is high-performance VG-10 steel ground in a full arcing belly for skinning and arduous cutting.

Ladybug LFG £16       BIG PIC » BUY
click for big pic length overall 110 mm blade length 49 mm blade steel AUS-6  
length closed 64 mm cutting edge 44 mm weight 16 g  
hole diameter 7 mm blade thickness 2 mm handle material FRN  

Spyderco offers a selection of keychain knives that include variations and different colors of two models: the Ladybug and Jester. Spyderco's name was founded on consistently offering reliable high performance and even our smallest knives support this. The key is ergonomic designs manufactured using exclusively premium materials and locking systems. Even though the knives are small enough to fit unnoticeably on a keychain, in a purse or the bottom of a pant's pocket they have cut half-inch free hanging rope. The Ladybug is a clipless mini-lock back folder that bites through half-inch thick rope like it's cutting air. Attach it to a key-ring or zipper pull or slip it unobtrusively in a pocket or purse. The Ladybug's uses are limitless, and its ready whenever you find yourself in need of a sharp blade. SpyderEdge or PlainEdge blade is hollow-ground AUS-6 stainless with the one-hand-open Spyderco Round Hole. The FRN handle is covered with Volcano-Grip texture and available in black or forest green. Its traditional back lock is positioned half way down the spine for unlocking the blade one-handedly.