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introducing new and radical innovations to knife design

"When you purchase a Spyderco you are buying a high-quality reliable cutting tool designed and manufactured for peak performance and ergonomic comfort. Those Who Know Carry Spyderco"

  Catcherman Chinook ATR   Pride Kiwi Dodo  
  ParaMilitary  Persian   Karambit   Yojimbo Stretch  Ladybug  
  SpyderSaw Ceramic Files Triangle Sharpener Profile Set Spyderco Story  
Catcherman C17 £38       BIG PIC » BUY
click for big picture length overall 265 mm blade length 121 mm blade steel MBS-26  
length closed 151 mm cutting edge 110 mm weight 71 g  
hole diameter 11 mm blade thickness 2 mm handle material FRN  

If you're a dedicated fisherman, chances are you own a good-sized collection of fishing gear. Having a super-lightweight, compact folding filet knife that clips in a pocket can be a boon when hauling all your gear to your favorite spot. Made to fit the bill, the Catcherman features a semi-flexible blade that is ground flat and thin offering just the right amount of flex for filleting and de-boning. It is seventy-five percent PlainEdged with a short section of gnarly serrations at the blade's base for cutting fibrous fish material such as skin, cartilage, bone. MBS-26 steel has status for high performance in edge retention and rust resistance. The FRN handle is textured and has an integral pocket clip for tip-down carry.

Chinook C63 £90       BIG PIC » BUY
click for big picture length overall 217 mm blade length 95 mm blade steel CPM-S30V  
length closed 124 mm cutting edge 86 mm weight 169 g  
hole diameter 14 mm blade thickness 4 mm handle material G-10  
Master at Arms James A. Keating is known worldwide for his Filipino influenced martial arts style and his tactical equipment and training company jamesakeating.com. James introduced Spyderco to a folding knife design he blueprinted to complement his MBC style which he called the Chinook. The folder has a modified-Bowie-shaped blade and an MBC rated locking system so the knife could be used for cutting as well as passing or blocking. These combined features have since taken root with the MBC crowd and additionally found favor with the hard-use camp/hunting/outdoor knife industry. The Chinook's 3-3/8 inch blade is hollow-ground CPM-S30V with an upward sweeping tip and full belly. Inserted between G-10 scales, dual steel liners make a thicker than customary back lock constructing one of the strongest locking systems found on any Spyderco model. There is no sliding forward or backward on the handle because swells on both ends expand making a combination choil/handguard in the front and a pinky shelf at the butt. These expansions work to hold the hand on the handle in either forward or reverse grip. A three-screwed black metal clip is tapped for tip up/down and left/right carry.

ATR C70 £195       BIG PIC » BUY
click for big picture length overall 216 mm blade length 87 mm blade steel VG-10  
length closed 129 mm) cutting edge 82 mm weight 150 g  
hole diameter 13 mm blade thickness 3 mm handle material Stainless Steel  

A.T.R. is an acronym for At The Ready -- and it is. Spyderco showcases several technologically advanced features in this high-end tactical folder. The original model was released last year with a titanium handle. The new stainless handled ATR offers the same tactical features at a lower price point. We precision machine a fistful of steel into a handle then drilled it full of holes. The holes lessen weight, doubling as indexing divots in order to rotate the folder from one grip position to another. A second set of holes machined from the contoured pocket clip line up with the handle's holes for balanced indexing. Curvy expansions on opposite ends of the handle flare outward into a choil and a pinky shelf insuring the hand remains gripped on the folder in any draw. Rated suitable for heavy or MBC-use, the Compression Lock is integrated, actually part of the handle scale. The VG-10 blade is hollow-ground with a sloping unsharpened swedge down the spine. As the tip sweeps down, the belly sweeps up to meet it, making a thick substantial tip for aggressive penetration and cutting. Seated above the Spyderco Round Hole is a Cobra Hood. While deploying the blade the thumb naturally positions itself under the overhang of the Cobra Hood properly positioning the thumb pad over the hole by feel (rapid deployment). Once opened, the textured Cobra Hood functions as a support/control seat for the thumb while cutting. Clip fastens into pre-tapped positioning holes for tip-up, left/right-hand carry.

Kiwi C75 £79       BIG PIC » BUY
click for big picture length overall 138 mm blade length 60 mm blade steel VG-10  
length closed 81 mm cutting edge 8 mm weight 50 g  
hole diameter 10 mm blade thickness 2.5 mm handle material Jigged Bone  

Scores of knife knuts have asked "why doesn't Spyderco make a conventional folder like an old time jackknife or penknife?" We have. Our traditional-influenced offering is the Kiwi and it reflects features found on Grandfather's favorite whittler while remaining true to Spyderco's preference for high-tech materials and ergonomics. Its two-inch VG-10 blade has a Wharncliffe profile and pronounced hump created to accommodate the Spyderco Round Hole. Position of the hole on the blade is important (especially for smaller knives) in finding the spot with the most comfortable/natural pivotal rotation when opening one-handed. Dual finger choils cutaway on the underbelly of the handle deposit the fore- and middle fingers in alignment for optimal control. Amber-colored jig bone scales set next to brushed stainless bolsters are reminiscent of more traditional cutlery. In the manner of a true gent's folder, it is clipless.

Dodo C80 £70       BIG PIC » BUY
click for big picture length overall 156 mm blade length 53 mm blade steel CPM-S30V  
length closed 111 mm cutting edge 44 mm weight 2.6 oz (74 g)  
hole diameter 13 mm blade thickness 3 mm handle material G-10  

Spyderco has received endless comments about the Dodo's unconventional, unusual appearance. With a face only its designer could love, the Dodo fulfills many of Spyderco's design philosophies. It's a 'little big knife' that was 'designed in the dark' (and should be judged by its ergonomics) which we manufacture with top-drawer materials and features. Take our challenge -- put it in your hand, cut with it, then let us know what you think. One of its curious features is its blade shape. Although the blade has less than two inches of cutting edge, the curved belly supplies big cutting capability and its downward-pointed tip is intended for detailed/fine cutting. The blade is laser cut from CPM-S30V stock, then hollow-ground with a swedge running from the tip halfway up the spine. To create a fistful of leveraging points, the G-10 handle is fashioned in a grouping of finger choils ending in a tail. The tail becomes both a pinky shelf and a striking tool. For the Dodo specifically, Spyderco developed the Ball Bearing Lock. It works by dropping a pea-sized ball of steel into a recess on the blade's tang, locking the blade open. Once in the recess, the ball is compressed by the open blade and can't move or wobble. A remarkably strong locking system, that rates for MBC and heavy-duty on Spyderco's lock strength scale. To unlock, pull back on the ball- accessible on both sides of the knife for left/right handed use. Flexible wire tension-clip carries ambidextrously, tip-up. Available with a black or blue handle.