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Flash pot, smoke puffs, robotic and spark hits

magnum flashpot
      magnum flashpot


5 x micro, white 5 x red nbsp; 5 x 50mm white   5 x sparkling   1 x magnum

Produce a brilliant flash of light of a particular colour followed by a cloud of white smoke.

Flashpots have multiple uses from a photoflash effect, a genie appearing on stage to an explosion simulator such as an impact on Taranto harbour. The Magnum flashpot is very effective outdoors for simulating an explosion during the day.

flashpotsUnless permission has been granted and full test carried out "sparkling flashpots" are to be used outdoors only.

Available in White Micro 25mm dia, Red 50mm dia, White 50mm dia, Sparkling 50mm dia and Magnum size 75mm.

smoke puff

Smoke puffs:

5 x micro   5 x 14g   5 x 28g

Made to the same specifications as flashpots, produce the same white puff of smoke but without the blinding flash.

Used in various FSX work where the white glare of a flashpot is to bright for the camera or is just not required, can be used to simulate cannon fire when used in mortar tubes to small explosions inside an oven on stage.-->

spark hit

Robotics & Spark Hits:

5 x small 5 x standard

Robotics are designed to simulate a small explosive fault on electrical or mechanical equipment.

There is a small crack on ignition followed by a shower of HOT, white particles and smoke.

Pictures not to scale