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Explosives Disposal

Pains Wessex flare cases for disposal

Out-of-date / Time-expired Pyrotechnics (TEPs) and Fireworks Disposal

Pyrotechnics of all sorts often need responsible disposal for one of many reasons. They may be out-of-date or time-expired (past their legal sell-by date), illegally owned or imported, seizures by the authorities etc.

These can cause problems for various authorities who may lack the specialist skills and facilities to effect disposal in full legal compliance..

At HFM Pyrotechnics Ltd we have the experience and facility for bulk transportation, interim storage and disposal of expired pyrotechnics and fireworks in full compliance with current UK regulations:

1.4 G & other explosives categories dealt with We work closely with both uniformed and non-uniformed services for the safe seizure, transport and disposal of illegally held fireworks.
Included among the items accepted for safe disposal are:

Rocket Flares     
Handheld Smoke / Flare     
Smoke Generators     
Buoyant Lifesmoke     
Mini Flare Packs     
Signal Pistol Cartridges
Man Overboard Markers
Fireworks: Cat. 2, 3 and 4
Signalling smokes
Trip flares
Railway detonators

seizure of illegal fireworks
pic: 18 tons of illegally stored fireworks seized in 2014 in a combined operation with Trading Standards and the police