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De-Mining Pyrotechnics


HFM stock, and can advise upon, a range of pyrotechnics designed for de-mining operations and similar demilitarisation, or neutralisation of HE (high explosives) and munitions.

The high temperature destructors we have available include:

Low Temperature Thermit (LTT). LTT is slow burning and is designed to ignite explosive compositions without the risk of detonation.

It has been used successfully to ignite a wide range of explosives and has been used by the UK Ministry of Defence since 1993.

Thermal Inducted Destructor (TD-A) In use, burning TD_A greatly reduces the risk of deflagration and detonation of the target munition, therefore minimising the impact of fragmentation, blast over-pressure and acoustic pollution.

Open detonation has become increasingly difficult due to environmental pressures and constraints and TD-A offers a useful alternative to the standard HE countermine charge.

Thermal Shock Induced Deflagrator (TSID). TSID units are designed to neutralise HE filled munitions rapidly and without detonation.

TSIDs come in sizes to fit common ammunition profiles but can be further user-customised where required.

The Hot Drop system.The Hot Drop system is a stand-off method of melting a hole in an article of ordnance and burning the HE contents.

Dragon Torch.The Dragon is a pyrotechnic torch specifically designed to destroy (through practical low order technique) thin skinned steel (6-8mm) and plastic cased ordnance.

This stand-off solution offers an effective method of destroying ordnance and specifically those that are classed as “no touch” items.

Five pdf leaflets are available to download:

pdfs for download TSID Thermal Destructor Type A Hot Drop Equipment Dragon Torch Low Temperature Thermite